Spartan Education Group (SEG) is now accepting cadets into the Altitude Pilot Pathway, a training program developed in partnership with Allegiant Travel Company. This pathway delivers FAA Part 141 ab initio pilot training together with customized courses and experiences resulting in enhanced preparedness for pilot opportunities at Allegiant.

The program, located at Spartan's flight school in Broomfield, Colorado, provides coaching, instruction, and support for current and future cadets to go from zero flight hours to sitting in the first officer seat.

The Altitude Pilot Pathway was custom designed by Allegiant and Spartan to provide cadets with leadership training, Level D jet simulator training, and ground school and flight training. The program will also introduce cadets to senior executives at Allegiant and expose them to the airline's culture and business model. Spartan's expertise in higher education incorporates modern learning management systems, proprietary digital resources, and performance reporting into a holistic experience for the Allegiant cadet.

The Altitude Pilot Pathway seeks to eliminate the financial barriers that many would-be cadets face when training to become a pilot. Allegiant's Loan Forgiveness Program can forgive up to $50,000 of student pilot training debt after three years of flying for Allegiant and meeting the airline's performance standards.