CPaT Global has been awarded a new contract with Neos SpA to provide Aircraft System Courses, General Subjects, Aircraft Procedures, and its new Cabin Crew Training Suite for their Boeing B737-800, Boeing 737 MAX, and Boeing B787-9 fleets.

 “Our robust portfolio will provide high-quality and interactive training content and ensure their pilots and in-flight teams receive premium training solutions,” said Capt. Greg Darrow, Vice President of Sales.

“During COVID-19, a lesson learned was the necessity to be flexible and to rely on dependable, professional solutions for our pilots and flight attendants training,” said Davide Borsotti, Head of Training. “CPaT is just that; professional training courses, interactive and highly customizable that can be delivered either in-house or as e-learning, that are able to enhance each trainee professionally while optimizing efficiency and reducing training cost.”

Neos is based out of Somma Lombardo, Italy.