Innovacom has announced an investment in Hinfact through its Technocom3 fund. The company specializes in the analysis of physiological and behavioral data and develops artificial intelligence-based software solutions designed to improve pilot training and aviation safety.

This first round of funding, totaling €4 million, will enable Hinfact to accelerate its commercial development, expand internationally, and extend the footprint of its product HINSIGHT to other applications.

Founded in 2019 by Thomas Bessière and Thibault Vanderbrouck, two engineers and entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of the aviation sector, Hinfact is a spin- off of the Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of ISAE-SUPAERO in Toulouse. This laboratory is a global leader in pilot behavior research, regularly collaborating with NASA, NTSB, BEA, and Air France on matters related to the strengths and weaknesses of the human brain in piloting activities.

Hinfact provides airlines, manufacturers, and training schools with an end-to-end that guarantees significant improvements in pilot training quality and compliance with current regulations while reducing training time and costs associated with creating, distributing, updating, and verifying training programs.

The most advanced parts of the solution objectively analyzes pilot performance and competencies (technical and non-technical) by continuously recording physiological and behavioral data in flight simulators. This unique software solution supports both initial pilot training and recurrent pilot training, ensuring that competencies are properly acquired and maintained.

Although currently focused on the aviation industry, Hinfact's innovative technology could be applied to other industries or sectors that use complex systems, such as energy, robotics, or surgery.

Hinfact has secured this funding after validating its technology and signing its first contracts with companies such as Dassault Aviation, several airlines, and the French Civil Aviation School (ENAC). Innovacom's investment will now enable the start-up to accelerate its industrial and commercial development, particularly internationally, and expand its technology to other sectors.

"We have built a set of solutions that better integrate and understand pilot behavior in their profession, ensuring multi-level compliance through the processing of massive data. We are delighted to welcome Innovacom, a specialist in disruptive technologies with extensive experience supporting entrepreneurs in their growth projects," said Thomas Bessière, CEO of Hinfact.

"Hinfact is the kind of company we like to invest in: talented entrepreneurs who have assembled an outstanding team, advanced technology that adds real value to an existing market, and a market need characterized by commercial development and initial contracts with prestigious industry players, ready to be expanded. The company will be able to expand internationally and apply its technology to other industrial sectors," explained Alban Nénert, Associate at Innovacom.