The National Space Test and Training Complex (NSTTC) Integrated Program Office (IPO) is hosting an upcoming Industry Day event on 22-23 June, aimed at providing valuable insights and fostering collaboration between the government and commercial space industry.

The Industry Day event will serve as a platform for the NSTTC IPO to share crucial information regarding the NSTTC system concept, acquisition strategy, and projected timelines. It will also offer an opportunity for government officials to communicate their needs to the commercial industry, enabling industry representatives to better position themselves for government contracts.

On the first day of the event, government representatives will engage with industry professionals, encouraging dialogue and fostering a mutual understanding of objectives. By sharing the NSTTC strategy and eliciting feedback, industry participants will have the chance to express their perspectives on the opportunities associated with the NSTTC.

The NSTTC IPO is a joint effort led by Space Training and Readiness Command (STARCOM) in collaboration with Space Systems Command and the U.S. Space Force Office of Test and Evaluation. The NSTTC comprises various components, including the electromagnetic spectrum range (NSTTC-E), cyber range (NSTTC-C), orbital range (NSTTC-O), and digital complex (NSTTC-D), each playing a crucial role in advancing space testing and training capabilities.

For detailed information on the NSTTC, interested parties can refer to the vision document published on the STARCOM website.

The second day of the event will consist of exclusive one-on-one sessions between government officials and industry representatives. These sessions will offer an opportunity for industry to share solutions and initiatives that could lead to further collaboration possibilities.

"By sharing information and engaging in constructive dialogue, we aim to enhance our understanding of each other's needs and foster partnerships that will drive innovation and propel our space capabilities forward," said Lt. Col. Heidi Harkins, STARCOM IMA to the Range and Aggressors Division Chief.