The most pressing challenge commercial operators face is bringing highly trained pilots into the cockpit and addressing the coming shortage of qualified pilots to be able to responsibly transport passengers to their destinations safely.

The best way to ensure an uneventful flight is through rigorous flight training with a simulation device. This training empowers pilots with the unwavering composure needed to get through any unexpected situation and land the aircraft safely, especially in popular modern commercial aircraft, including the Airbus A220, A320, the Boeing 737 MAX and Embraer E-Jet E2.

FlightSafety’s commitment to aviation safety drives us to create a full spectrum of simulation devices to answer every pilot’s training need. FlightSafety has been supporting training for more than 70 years and designs, builds and supports the industry’s leading flight simulation training devices (FSTD) and other training technology, with the highest fidelity reality replication in simulation.

Every state-of-the-art, advanced-technology FlightSafety simulator is built to order. Our expert team designs according to your training requirements, to create an exact replica of your aircraft. We create Level-D qualified simulators for a range of commercial aircraft.

Our decades of experience, along with world-class engineering and manufacturing capabilities, translate into the world’s most advanced simulation devices. These devices are used by airlines around the globe, to meticulously train pilots to be the best in Airbus, Boeing, Embraer and other commercial aircraft.

When your pilots train on FlightSafety simulators and training devices, you know that they have trained on the highest quality equipment available and have achieved nothing short of excellence.

Technology Enhances Safety

Advanced-technology simulators provide your operation with a seamless training experience. FlightSafety has engineered, developed, and manufactured hundreds of simulators for organizations around the globe.

Utilizing the high fidelity VITAL visual system, proprietary CrewView technology, and our highly efficient motion system, our immersive simulators replicate the operating characteristics of virtually any commercial aircraft. Our cost-efficient simulators and other flight training devices meet and exceed regulatory requirements and answer your specific needs, ensuring pilots are prepared for anything they might experience in the cockpit.

You can trust our expertly manufactured training equipment to provide the highest caliber training options, all of which meet national and international regulatory standards.

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Made for the Model

FlightSafety is a world-leading innovator of technology training devices for commercial aircraft operators around the globe. The state-of-the-art simulation design, manufacturing and support facility has enabled it to increase simulator production to meet your immediate needs and those of the global aviation market.

In the most popular models of airliners today, FlightSafety simulators faithfully replicate the look, feel and performance of your aircraft. In addition to the Airbus, Boeing and Embraer, we currently design and build more than 130 aircraft models which are approved for professional training by the manufacturers.

One of the most significant advantages of advanced-technology simulators is that they allow pilots to practice in a range of different scenarios, including extreme weather conditions and emergencies. The simulators replicate real-life scenarios, allowing pilots to practice their skills and decision-making abilities, making them better prepared to handle any situation that may arise during flight.

FlightSafety uses industry-leading technology to design and manufacture your Level D full-flight simulators with electric six-degrees-of-freedom motion bases, glass displays, industry leading ultra-high resolution visuals, and flight decks that perfectly replicate the look and feel of the aircraft. Training tools are developed based on manufacturer-approved data for each aircraft, that allow the fidelity and consistency of the training to be most effective.

Among the credibility training tasks your pilots will be able to perform in the simulators are preflight procedures, takeoff and departure, inflight maneuvers, instrument procedures, landing and approaches, normal and abnormal procedures, emergency procedures and post-flight procedures.

Choosing a simulator manufacturer with a history of quality and manufacturer support is important. Training time can be compromised if there isn’t a level of dependability and integrity standing behind the product.

Multiple Training Solutions

FlightSafety’s recent acquisition of FRASCA International enhances our ability to provide training device solutions for every need. Multiple options are available for regional and commercial airlines, at all levels of operation. Our flight training devices (FTDs) incorporate the same software used in FFS to create true Free Play devices. They meet FAA (levels 4-7) and EASA (level 1-3) regulatory standards.

Whether it is an FFS or other flight-training device, FlightSafety offers unsurpassed service to support our products. Our team trains you to flawlessly operate the equipment, including instruction on hardware, software and the visual system. We stand by the products, after delivery, to troubleshoot problems and solve issues.

FlightSafety training equipment is enhancing safety worldwide and helping address the growing demand for new airline pilots. Choose the leader in training simulation manufacturing for better prepared pilots. To find out more, visit