The Government of India, through the regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), has issued a medical circular for “mental health promotion of flight crew and Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs)". The aim is for aviation organisations to be more aware of mental health issues within aviation and increasing mental health awareness in the form of early recognition, reporting and its management.

Symbiotics, the provider of ADAPT Pilot Psychological Assessments, has developed a solution with their in-house team of Occupational and Aviation Psychologists, that has been well-received by their Indian clients as an acceptable solution.

In addition to offering established tests such as the ADAPT Personality Questionnaire, Cognitive Reasoning, Crew Resource Management, and their multitasking workload management test, FAST, the specific recommendations of the medical circular have been directly addressed. Expanding on the ADAPT Control and Co-ordination (Ball Game) Test, the solution assesses hand-foot-eye co-ordination through the addition of a PC foot pedal flight controller.

Symbiotics can work with airlines, ATOs and related aviation organisations to support their assessment activities and compliance with Section 4.3: Psychological Assessment. Offering a modular assessment approach, Symbiotics allows organizations to use their solution wholly or in addition to their existing assessment processes. Symbiotics solutions are overseen and supported by their team of registered Occupational and Aviation Psychologists who are internationally recognised.