Airbus and Leonardo have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly promote integrated training systems and study the future solutions to tackle air dominance challenges.

Under this collaboration, both companies will jointly address and pursue business opportunities for advanced training systems leveraging on M-346 experience, thanks to over 100,000 flight hours performed worldwide by the aircraft. Airbus and Leonardo will also explore deepening ties and industrial cooperation to tackle future military pilot training domains. 

The European Advanced Trainer market will account for more than 400 new aircraft deliveries in the next 20 years, plus an additional €12 billion  for the provision of advanced pilots training services.

Air power renewal and emerging trends demand the full capacity of the current most advanced solutions, and the accelerated development of new capabilities and technologies for fighter pilot effectiveness management, including aircrew and ground crew training, are one of the key pieces to keeping fighter pilots proficient with the ability to exercise their skills and readiness.

“Thanks to a common technology development roadmap based on M-346 ITS, the two Companies will also progressively shape advanced capabilities for the future air power, by intercepting emerging needs and forging innovative solutions, to provide effective next- generation fast-jet pilot training and operational readiness in complex scenarios,” said Marco Zoff, Leonardo’s Aircraft Division Managing Director.