This partnership will leverage ALSIM’s advanced flight simulators and APC’s industry expertise to deliver a unique and effective training experience, says ALSIM. The ALSIM and APC partnership will contribute to energizing the pilot training industry by sharing resources, knowledge, and technology to enhance the quality of training. Key innovations include providing access to APC’s comprehensive APS MCC training program on the ALSIM Airliner product line, leveraging ALSIM’s innovative technology and simulators, and providing a flexible simulation environment for different types of airliners.

For ALSIM customers, this partnership will allow access to APC’s comprehensive training program and airline partner network to ensure all their requirements are included in their future product development. APC members will benefit from the integration on ALSIM’s technology and simulators within APC flight training partners’ training footprint, which will enhance their training capabilities. Finally, APC airline partners will benefit from having a larger pool of highly trained and qualified pilots, thanks to the integration of ALSIM’s advanced training technology and APC’s comprehensive training program.

“We are excited to partner with APC and believe that this collaboration will help us provide better training platforms for our customers,” said ALSIM CEO, Jean-Paul Monnin. “This partnership aligns with our goal of creating innovative solutions to enhance the aviation industry.”

“This partnership with ALSIM will enable us to offer a more comprehensive and integrated approach to flight training.” Said APC CEO, Andy O’Shea. “We believe that this partnership will lead to a more efficient aviation training industry focused on competencies using the latest technologies.”