A new Boeing 737 MAX flight training device (FTD Level 2) has joined the fleet of four flight simulation training devices at the BAA Training facility in Barcelona, Spain, bringing the total number of simulators to five. With full authorization now received, the simulator is now ready for training.

“Given the significance of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in the aviation industry, we anticipate strong demand for training to learn to operate this particular aircraft type,” said Aurimas Urbonas, Managing Director of BAA Training Spain. “Therefore, the addition of the Boeing 737 MAX FTD Level 2 to our training center reaffirms our dedication to providing cutting-edge training solutions and meeting the evolving needs of the industry.”

The new Boeing 737 MAX FTD Level 2 stands out as one of the few devices in Europe to hold Level 2 certification, says BAA Training, signifying a higher level of fidelity and functionality compared to lower-level devices. Its cockpit, visual system and software mirror those of a full flight simulator (FFS), ensuring an identical training environment for pilots. BAA Training Spain now has two devices of this type, with the A320 FTD Level 2 being the other one.