This July 24, the US Navy and Marine Corps jointly announced US Fleet Forces Command, US Pacific Fleet, and US Naval Forces Europe-Africa will conduct 2023 Large-Scale Exercise (LSE 2023) from August 9-18. An event preview video asserted this will be “one of the most realistic and technologically advanced naval exercises ever executed.” [Editor’s note. Video source: US Fleet Forces Command]  

LSE 2023 will be a live, virtual, and constructive, globally-integrated exercise designed to refine how the Navy-Marine Corps team synchronizes maritime operations across multiple fleets, in support of the joint force. Of interest, the LSE preview video noted training events will occur in the land, air, sea and cyber domains with inferred, but no specific mention of space-based events for this exercise.  

A joint-services press release noted the LSE 20203 training is based on a progression of scenarios that will assess and refine modern warfare concepts, including Distributed Maritime Operations, Littoral Operations in a Contested Environment, and Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations. Participating units will include six Navy and Marine Corps component commands and seven US numbered fleets, including U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. Tenth Fleet, operating seamlessly across 22 time zones

As one recent datum point on the scope of the most recent LSE series’ events, LSE 2021, this previous iteration had about 25,000 participants.  

MS&T and this author will follow and report on significant LSE2023 events and outcomes as they occur.