Redbird has received FLYING Editor's Choice Award for its personalized proficiency training app, Redbird Pro. Since the company launched the app last February, the positive feedback Redbird has received from general aviation pilots who use it daily in their training has reaffirmed the potential and importance of a more personalized approach to gaining and maintaining proficiency.

In addition, the company just released three challenging scenarios to the app. Rocky Mountain Way puts users deep in the mountains at dusk, shooting a GPS-A approach in solid IMC. The My Gosh, It's Oshkosh scenario helps users prepare for the high-workload Fisk Arrival into KOSH for AirVenture. The third scenario, It's the Hope That Kills You, hits close to home for the team at Redbird. Based on a real-life emergency experienced by the Redbird team, this scenario deals users a violent engine failure at altitude and complicated circumstances for recovery.

In the next month, the company will release two new features to Redbird Pro. Badges will support the gamified approach of the app, rewarding users for your training efforts and encouraging them to keep working toward the next milestone in their proficiency. Collections will provide a curated list of tasks pertinent to specific areas of training, allowing users to allot additional focus to knowledge and skill areas aligned with their individual goals.