Arkia Israeli Airlines has taken a significant step towards advancing its qualification training program by partnering with Qualtero and adopting its Fox Training Management System.
 As part of its commitment to ensuring the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and excellence, Arkia has selected Qualtero's Fox Training Management System to streamline and enhance its qualification training processes. The partnership aims to provide a seamless experience for Arkia's workforce, from pilots to cabin crew, enabling them to access, manage, and track their training progress efficiently.
 Qualtero's Fox Training Management System offers a range of features designed to optimize the training experience. From interactive modules that engage learners to real-time qualification management, progress tracking and reporting, the system empowers both trainees and trainers to collaborate effectively. This new partnership underscores Arkia’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements within the aviation industry.
 "Our Fox Training Management System is designed to revolutionize training procedures, ensuring a streamlined, interactive, and efficient process that elevates performance across the board,” stated Yuval Sive, VP Sales and Marketing at Qualtero. “This partnership marks a significant stride toward advancing training methodologies in the aviation sector."