Leading Edge Aviation has launched its ‘Deposit Refund Guarantee' aimed at providing security and assurance to aspiring pilots.

The aviation industry has seen a significant surge in applications for airline-funded training programmes, leading to uncertainty and delays for many prospective students. To address this, Leading Edge Aviation is offering a full refund of their deposit to any student who secures a spot in an airline-funded training programme after enrolling in a Leading Edge Aviation training programme.

The deposit refund offer launches on 1st September 2023 and will run until 31st December 2023, applicable to all students who sign up for a Leading Edge Aviation training programme during this period.

Andi Alexander, CCO at Leading Edge Aviation, said: "We understand the uncertainty and anxiety that many aspiring pilots are facing in the current landscape. With the ‘Deposit Refund Guarantee', we want to provide a safety net for those committed to pursuing their dream of becoming a pilot, whether that journey starts with Leading Edge or an airline-funded training programme.”

To qualify for the refund, students must provide official documentation confirming their acceptance into an airline-funded training programme. The deposit paid to Leading Edge Aviation will then be refunded in full.