Avsoft has created a Dash 8-200 aircraft systems online aviation course for Air Greenland. Avsoft worked in collaboration with Air Greenland’s pilot training department using Envision, Avsoft’s proprietary content authoring tool, to create the custom aircraft systems course, which will provide both initial and recurrent training delivered through Avsoft’s LMS.

Envision is a database-driven application that includes all steps of the online course building process, except for the creation of graphics, which is handled by Avsoft’s Technical Illustrators. Using Envision, Air Greenland was able to write narrations, proof graphics, add notes for team members, and proof questions. As for the narration audio, Envision incorporates automated text-to-speech (TTS) software that uses Amazon Polly and IBM Watson neural voices.

Once all the course content was approved by Air Greenland, Avsoft assembled and published the Dash 8-200 aircraft systems course, which is now being used by Air Greenland pilots via Avsoft’s LMS. Any future changes, such as corrections or updates, will be handled quickly using Envision.