Time is running out to enroll in Enstrom Helicopter Corporation’s final round of 2023 maintenance courses. The piston class is set to begin September 25 at the Enstrom factory in Menominee, Michigan, and the turbine class will begin at the same location on 2 October. Each course will run for one week, from Monday through Friday.

Instructors will teach students best practices for inspecting their Enstrom and keeping their rotorcraft’s turbine or piston engine running smoothly. The maintenance training curriculum will include lessons on how to track the main rotor, how to balance the tail rotor, how to overhaul the system, and how to troubleshoot all the system components. Enrolling in an Enstrom maintenance course could help Enstrom owners identify airworthiness issues early without a trip to a certified service center.

Enstrom President Todd Tetzlaff said, “As part of Enstrom’s commitment to safety, we want to help our customers discover any potential problems with their aircraft on the ground, not in the air during flight.”

Mechanics also stand to gain from these courses. By understanding the ins and outs, a mechanic situates themselves as a go-to resource for Enstrom owners near and far.

Classes have a limited number of seats available each session. To fill out an application or to learn more about the program, visit Enstrom’s website.

Future Maintenance Courses will be announced soon.