The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has inducted two new Beechcraft King Air 360s to undertake flight calibration of the growing number of Ground Radio Navigational and Visual Aids at Indian airports. The new aircraft will also be used for PBN Procedures validation.

Both aircraft join the AAI’s Flight Inspection fleet and will be used in calibrating Category I, II and III Instrument Landing Systems, DVORs, DME, NDB, Radar, GBAS, PAPI, TACAN etc. They will also be validating the RNP and LPV procedures as also the Instrument Approach Letdown procedures for DVOR/DME and ILS.

The new aircraft will also be offered by AAI for flight calibration requirements of countries neighbouring India. 

The AAI’s Flight Inspection fleet also operates a single Dornier-228 and Beechcraft King Air 350 which are used for Flight Calibration and Inspection purposes to calibrate navigational aids like, Doppler VOR, DME, NDB, etc and Instrument Landing Systems and Precision Approach Path Indicators installed at Indian airports. 

AAI’s Flight Inspection fleet is based at New Delhi’s Safdarjung Airport.