Textron Aviation selected Outerlink’s IRIS system to meet the US Navy’s Condition Based Maintenance + (CBM+) requirement for its new fleet of B260 trainers. Outerlink has worked with the Textron Aviation Special Missions team to integrate the IRIS system into the B200 and B300 series airplanes as part of the US Navy’s new Multi-Engine Training System (METS) fleet.

The IRIS system provides a unique recording platform that records voice, video, and parametric aircraft data from initial power ON to power OFF. Unlike crash recorders, the IRIS system captures all engine data from start to post-shutdown. Customers can upload, process, and mine hundreds of data parameters with the fully integrated IRIS FASTARS Cloud using a simple SD card in the IRIS control head.

“In our search for systems to satisfy the Navy’s CBM+ we found the Outerlink IRIS system not only met the requirement, but exceeded it with added features that will be of great benefit to not only the METS program but King Air customers globally,” said Textron Aviation Defense Program Manager Michael Chavez.

The IRIS system can give new and existing King Air customers a comprehensive analytic tool for CBM+. The system mines all the collected data and identifies deficiencies or threshold exceedances related to aircraft limitations or operational flight data monitoring (FDM). The IRIS system includes 10-second interval tracking and provides live caution and warning monitoring on the integrated AXIS Command & Control mapping platform. Along with such in-depth system monitoring, the IRIS system has full satcom connectivity with global Push To Talk VoIP Radio (PTT) and dial-out satphone so customers can always maintain communications with the airplane. The IRIS system is currently STC’d in the KA300 and KA200 series.

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