Quantum3D has recently achieved a significant milestone by successfully implementing an Image Generator System at Ultrontek in Taiwan. This system featuring the IDX-90 Image Generator System and Quantum3D’s MANTIS Visual Simulation Software, has been custom-tailored for application at the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) in Taiwan.

In a strategic collaboration with partners Santa Barbara Infrared (SBIR) and Acutronic, Quantum3D demonstrated seamlessly integrated the Image Generator with SBIR equipment, facilitating smooth data output to the Acutronic system. This collaborative achievement not only underscores Quantum3D’s commitment to delivering robust scene-generation hardware but also highlights the capabilities of the MANTIS software.

The company believes the successful integration and deployment showcase Quantum3D’s ability to meet the stringent requirements of critical applications, solidifying its position as a reliable and innovative provider of advanced training and simulation technologies.

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