Inflight Innovations and Empower Communications Group have announced a strategic partnership, which they believe will revolutionize the way airline personnel are trained in de-escalation techniques.

The newly developed online course, crafted by Empower Communications Group with their deep subject matter expertise, and distributed by Inflight Innovations, is designed to equip airline staff with the skills necessary to effectively de-escalate tense situations on-board, ensuring the safety and comfort of all passengers.

Jose M Alfonso, Founder and Co-Owner of Empower Communications Group said, "Joining forces with Inflight Innovations allows us to merge our knowledge of conflict resolution with their state-of-the-art online training delivery. This program is more than a course; it's an investment in passenger safety and airline excellence."

The De-Escalation program, available online to airlines globally, is an interactive and comprehensive training solution designed to be engaging and practical. It is a proactive response to the growing need for enhanced conflict management skills in high-pressure flight environments.

This entities believe this partnership not only signifies a milestone in airline safety training, but also showcases a model for successful collaboration between two industries. Both companies are looking forward to a future where every flight is safer and every airline staff is empowered to handle conflicts with confidence and skill.

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