Avsoft is thrilled to announce the renewal of its partnership with Interjet West, headquartered in Ohio, specializing primarily in cargo operations. This renewed partnership underscores Avsoft's commitment to supporting Interjet West's Boeing 737-300 pilot training programs and fostering continuous advancements in aviation proficiency.

After a transition to Avsoft's training platform, Interjet West has chosen to extend and deepen its partnership. Interjet West will continue to leverage Avsoft's Boeing B737-300/500 course. Additionally, Interjet West is expanding the utilization of Avsoft's training platform to accommodate a growing number of users, ensuring scalability and efficiency in their training operations.

The new contract allows Avsoft to introduce its extensive General Subject library to Interjet West's training curriculum. This library features a comprehensive array of courses, including topics such as ADS-B, Dangerous Goods, and Low Visibility. By incorporating these specialized courses, Interjet West aims to further enhance the knowledge and skills of its pilots, aligning with the highest industry standards.

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