Flint Systems has delivered a VR pushback vehicle simulator to its Client – Welcome Airport Services. The delivery of the simulator concluded with the training of instructors in its operation. This device will be used in the training program for Welcome Airport Services employees. It is the first simulator of its kind in Poland and likely in the world, according to Flint.

Welcome Airport Services ordered the simulator in April 2023. The device includes two training stations: stationary for theoretical learning and mobile (on the simulator) for practical training in maneuvering the vehicle on the airport apron. Both stations are equipped with software and hardware from its own production at Flint Systems.

Training on the VR simulator enables the simulation of the aircraft pushback and towing process without risk to people and equipment. Training scenarios include acquiring both theoretical and practical knowledge, such as vehicle inspection (with a checklist), handling 10 nozzle models, attaching the nozzle to the aircraft, and pushing the aircraft in various weather conditions.

The order also included, among other things, the addition of a student reporting module; simulation of two aircraft models: Airbus 321 and Boeing 737, variable weather conditions such as day and night, icy surfaces; and simulation of four emergency situations: wheel slip, head crack, pin crack, road blocked by another vehicle.

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