Qualtero and Charles River Analytics have unveiled Fox-KWYN, an adaptive training solution they believe is set to transform the way aviation organizations approach training management. The new adaptive training solution will be demonstrated at WATS 2024, taking place this 29 April – May 2 in Orlando, Florida.

This AI algorithm analyzes performance data to provide evidence-based insights and recommendations that allow aviation organizations to improve training and plan it with efficiency and effectiveness, providing operation-wide and trainee-by-trainee recommendations, while saving resources. 

The key features of the Fox-KWYN Adaptive Training Solution include delivering short learning pathways tailored to each trainee, performance-based planning using trainee performance forecasts and insights, proficiency-centric advancements beyond syllabus timelines, historical performance analysis to continuously improve training methodologies, resource optimization to save costs without compromising quality, and personalized training objectives to increase trainee success rates by addressing unique learning needs.

“By combining Qualtero's domain expertise with Charles River Analytics' advanced AI capabilities, we are confident that Fox-KWYN will redefine how organizations approach and deliver training," said Yuval Sive, VP of Sales at Qualtero.

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