Exail has signed a new contract for a B737 Flight and Maintenance Training Device, which will be delivered to Fosen High School in Norway. It will serve as a comprehensive training solution for the school, offering a realistic and immersive experience for students undergoing B737 maintenance and flight training programs. This contract follows the successful delivery of a Maintenance Training Device (MTD) classroom in August 2023.

Following the successful and timely delivery of the first Modular Training Device (MTD) in August 2023, Fosen High School has chosen to renew its trust in Exail. With the delivery of the second simulator, Fosen High School anticipates its trainees will benefit from its features and is confident that it will significantly enhance their training experience.

Exail's Flight and Maintenance Training Device is a modular training solution that integrates aircraft simulation software with maintenance training features to enhance training efficiency and optimize time. The device allows students to practice maintenance procedures, troubleshoot faults, and accumulate valuable experience.

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