A few months after announcing its expansion in the Paris area, Simaero, has unveiled the first glimpses of its upcoming training center. Situated in Tremblay-en-France, adjacent to Charles de Gaulle airport, and just a ten-minute drive from the existing facility, this second center's construction is already underway.  

The installation of the first Airbus A350 full-flight simulator is slated for completion by year-end, ensuring certification and operational readiness by January 2025. Exploring the utilization of the remaining bays, Simaero is considering incorporating A320 neo/ceo and B787 full-flight simulators. Additionally, the company is extending housing and maintenance packages to airlines interested in owning their full-flight simulator and looking for a partner able to ensure its operations and housing in Paris CDG.

Understanding airlines’ constraints and the necessity for seamless integration of pilot training within their demanding schedules, the location choice has been a pivotal focus in Simaero's expansion of training capacity in Paris. The new facility is strategically positioned adjacent to the airport area to minimize travel time from arrival gates.

 Moreover, to ensure pilots have a comfortable and convenient stay, the center is situated in close proximity to partner hotels, a shopping mall, and the Paris public transport system, facilitating access to downtown Paris during leisure time.

Spanning over 5,000 square meters, the new facility will be equipped with eight full-flight simulator bays, briefing and debriefing rooms, spacious classrooms, dedicated lockers, and a customer lounge area.

Overseeing this project from inception, Simaero partnered with BARJANE. Together, they designed every facility detail, crafting global architecture and interior design concepts to enhance the on-site training experience while minimizing its environmental impact. This project will adhere to ISO 14 001 standards, and the building will pursue BREEAM certification.

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