The Robinson Helicopter Company (RHC) has released a new Instructor Pilot (IP) Standardization Course.

The new IP course builds upon RHC’s Safety Course, a cornerstone program for more than 40 years.

The Robinson IP program offers graduates the opportunity to join a network of approved training providers. This designation signifies instructor qualification and provides new opportunities for aspiring operators and pilots. Furthermore, as RHC expands its training footprint, the company will introduce additional factory programs and incentives to direct customers toward its network of approved training providers.

The inaugural class kicked off in March 2024. Robinson plans to offer a total of four Instructor Pilot courses in 2024. The new course features a full-week curriculum, a focus on flight proficiency and enhanced safety training. The class highlights the importance of fundamental maneuvers, advanced procedures, and system failure responses, ensuring instructors can effectively train others in both basic and advanced flying techniques.

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