Vrgineers was selected by Lockheed Martin to participate in a pilot training industrial cooperation project for the F-35 as part of the initiative to supply the Czech Republic with two squadrons of 5th Generation jet fighters.

In this strategic partnership, Vrgineers will be responsible for the development and delivery of unclassified next generation training simulators, specifically tailored to support Czech pilots. While these simulators may not replicate the precise behavior of the training aircraft with 100% accuracy, they are designed to meet certain training procedures and familiarization requirements. This development marks a significant milestone in ensuring the readiness and competence of the Czech Republic's pilot training programs.

The company believes a notable feature of these training simulators is their non-confidential mode, allowing for operation in non-secure environments. This key attribute enhances accessibility by eliminating the need for specialized secured rooms, making the simulators readily available for pilot training.

"The Czech Air Force has many years of experience in the operational deployment of tactical aircraft. The introduction and use of tactical simulators that can be easily packed, transported and assembled to train tactical scenarios and the broad spectrum of missions outside of the main operational base, will enable the currency of our pilots even during long-term deployments. New trends of VR and MR enable this requirement, and thanks to the agreed industrial cooperation between LM and Vrgineers as part of the F-35 contract, CzAF will have an opportunity to use such a system," adds BG Jaroslav Mika, Deputy Director of the Force Development Division of the Ministry of Defence.

Moreover, the simulators are engineered for quick and easy setup and operation. This approach ensures that pilots have continuous access to these invaluable training tools, thereby enhancing their preparation for the challenges and missions they will face. The company believes this accessibility not only optimizes the training process, but also contributes to overall readiness and effectiveness.

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