Leonardo and ST Engineering Antycip have formed a new partnership aimed to develop a new simulation and high-performance image generator concept for aircraft digital design and pilot training.

The technological approach is based on the extensive use of the digital twin concept design. This includes leveraging technology available on the market, complemented by Leonardo's proprietary solutions, for all the components of the digital ecosystem, including gaming technology.

In line with the corporate digital strategy, Leonardo has signed an agreement with ST Engineering Antycip to develop a customised version of an image generator based on the Unreal Engine, an advanced real-time 3D creation tool, provided by Epic Games.

Through Unreal Engine, Leonardo will bring real-time experiences, enabling realistic virtual environments, increasing the number of entities and complexity in the virtual scenario. The technology will integrate with all of Leonardo’s training devices, such as full-flight simulators, flight training and procedural training tools and others, with the aim to reach mixed reality and virtual reality solutions. The companies believe the software will be a game changer for a set of ongoing advanced developments, like the “wearable cockpit” in next generation combat and training aircraft.

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