NAVBLUE has joined the Airbus and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University long-term collaboration, offering N-Flight Planning (N-FP), and N-Ops and Crew (N-OC) solutions for student training.

The solutions provide ongoing scenarios and situations under an “Embry-Riddle Airlines” environment related to crew management and daily operations, leveling up the student’s skills in Airline Operations, including Maintenance Control (MTC), Air Traffic Control (ATC), and customer service.

N-FP is a flight planning solution that will help the “Embry-Riddle Airlines” to optimize on fuel, time and cost to meet operational needs, while ensuring overall safety and compliance. At the same time, N-OC will enable the “airline” to manage long-term planning as well as day-of-operations with a single highly-configurable system within one application.

Marc Lemeilleur, NAVBLUE CEO, said: “Through this collaboration, students will be able to experience for the first time Airline Operations, from preparation and monitoring to control and management, in a safe and supervised environment created for them and tuned to their needs.”

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