Visionary Training Resources (VTR) has partnered with Atlas Air to deploy Virtual Reality (VR) headsets with the proprietary FlightDeckToGo. Atlas Air recently started using the VTR Boeing 737 product. This was achieved through a collaboration of in-house subject-matter-experts and flight training leaders at Atlas Air, to build a custom Atlas Air Boeing 737 flight deck with Atlas procedures and checklists.    

“As part of our initiative to enhance our crewmembers’ training experience, we are leveraging the power of VR technology. The FlightDeckToGo tool will deliver an immersive and highly effective training experience. The realistic simulation offered by VTR’s technology coupled with the eye tracking feature, will allow Atlas pilots to familiarize themselves with the aircraft cockpit while providing an intuitive experience in becoming proficient in their flows and procedures,” said Joe Masone, Atlas Air Senior Director, Flight Procedures, Training and Standards.

This training wave is the early stages of an agreement with VTR to deliver Atlas Air Boeing, 747, 767, and 777 flight decks in the coming months, each with full customization and specific procedures.

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