1.3 million. Remember that number. 

Soufiane El Ouartassi, Product Marketing Manager at CAE, told WATS delegates there will be a demand for 1.3 million new pilots, aviation maintainers and cabin crew members in the next 10 years.

The executive initially justified his projection by dividing the demand for the three professions as follows: 284,000 (commercial and business) pilots; 402,000 (commercial and business) maintainers; and 599,000 (commercial) cabin crew members. 

CAE derived these numbers through a rigorous study of global macro factors including; projected global gross domestic product growth; aging populations in Europe and North America when compared to “younger” regions such as Asia; and expanding middle class members who have the pent-up desire to fly. The study further drilled down, and looked at other demand signals, including the surging number of airports in India as well as the huge requirement for new aircraft to replace legacy-fleets and to simply provide new airframes for expanding routes. 

Of no surprise, the three top geographic regions leading the projected demand for new civil aviation professions will be: Asia Pacific (427,000); North America (335,000) and Europe (259,000).  

Solutions to meet the projected global demand for 1.3 million pilots cabin crew members and maintenance personnel in the next 10 years will be met with outreach to heretofore underrepresented groups in the community (above Air Alaska outreach and education efforts at US HBCUs). Source: Air Alaska.

El Ouartassi offered relevant solutions to his challenges, several with themes that are resonating loud clear during WATS 2024 track sessions. Several actions at the top of the presenter’s list included: addressing workplace bias and promoting diversity; engaging Generation Z with technology; implementing career development programs; and establishing early outreach and education programs for prospective talent pools. 

CAT will be following industry efforts to harmonize the projected demand for new community pilot, cabin crew member and maintainers, and actions to bolster the supply of these professionals.

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