Simulator marketplace Simhawk launches new search tool

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Simhawk Inc., global flight simulator marketplace that matches buyers and sellers of flight simulator time and training, has launched a new search tool.

“We’ve heard repeatedly from our users that they want to be able to quickly search across all potential providers and determine who has availability that matches their needs and pricing,” explained Chris Weinberg, CEO of Simhawk. “Our new simulator search tool enables buyers to search all of the simulators in the world in two clicks.”

Simhawk claims its search results, which cover 93% of civil simulators worldwide, can be filtered by a variety of criteria including specific aircraft models, engines, locations, and regulatory approvals. Additionally, buyers can now choose who they want proposals from and specify any other requirements they have, such as schedule and budget.

The new simulator search tool also now allows buyers and sellers to see each other’s identities, which means sellers can use their own terms and conditions and contracts to sell simulator time or training via Simhawk. The company has also eliminated commissions on completed transactions.

Finally, Simhawk’s improved schedule interface also allows sellers to more easily respond to requests for training courses that include activities such as ground school and briefing and to specify quantities of training hours without specific dates.

“These changes make it even easier for both Buyers and Sellers to use Simhawk,” continued Weinberg. “The new Simhawk provides users on both sides of the transaction with an open marketplace where they can quickly and efficiently find options and opportunities that they might otherwise not.”


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