Mixed Reality Simulator Prototype

27 June 2022

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Inzpire Limited has signed a contract with the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) to develop a prototype mixed reality deployable simulator.

Over the next 9 monts, the project - named SAGE (Synthetic Aviation Gunnery Equipment) by the company - will see Inzpire personnel working collaboratively with 22 Squadron Crew Served Weapons Instructors (CSWIs) and DASA personnel to deliver an air door gunnery simulator.

Project SAGE will encompass the design, build, test, evaluation and development of the prototype, in order to support 22 Sqn's requirement for a live training alternative to deliver Joint Helicopter Command's Operational Shooting Policy. In a truly collaborative project, Inzpire's experts will be designing the simulator to support specific training objectives defined by 22 Squadron CSWIs. Royal Air Force personnel from 22 Squadron will also provide advice and support throughout the test and evaluation phases and be directly involved in trialing the product.

The Project SAGE simulator will demonstrate how commercial mixed reality technology can be used to devlier a deployable and cost-effective system, capable of rapid modification between different helicopter platforms and weapon types. It is hoped the simulator development will identify opportunities for utilising synthetic training in the future for JHC personnel across multiple platforms and weapons systems.


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