Geospatial Terrain Partnership Cemented at I/ITSEC

29 November 2023

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A VBS4 terrain of Robotyne, Ukraine made using geospecific data layers from LuxCarta. At I/ITSEC today, the companies announced that Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) will be promoting and distributing LuxCarta’s geospatial products.
Image credit: BISim

Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) will be promoting and distributing LuxCarta’s geospatial products, which are a critical input to the terrain databases used to provide realism to militaries for their simulations for training within BISim’s VBS4 and other runtimes supported through its Mantle ETM platform, including Cesium, Unreal Engine and Unity.

“This announcement formalizes a relationship we have been building with LuxCarta for the past few years,” said Pete Morrison, chief commercial officer, BISim. “We’ve already delivered some very realistic representations of areas of the world that are not covered by traditional datasets like OpenStreetMap. Their geospatial expertise is a perfect complement to our terrain services business with the end customer ultimately benefiting from more accurate terrains and immersive simulations.”

Under terms of the partnership, BISim will promote and deliver LuxCarta geospatial products, including BrightEarth global basemaps, land use / land cover (LULC) and digital terrain models, as well as geospecific 3D buildings, vegetation, walls, and roads extracted from sub- meter imagery to its customers. BISim end customers will also have access to specialized products including trenches, defensive obstacles, and detailed LULC along with a catalog of existing products.

LuxCarta’s AI algorithms have been tested across a series of different sensor types in countries around the world. They are used daily by its production team to deliver derived geospatial products to customers in a series of vertical markets.

This week during I/ITSEC 2023, LuxCarta’s geospatial products will be displayed on the BISim stand, #1071, through compiled terrains within VBS4. Unique crop types generated by specialized LULC, as well as intricate anti-tank defences and geospecific trenches supplied by LuxCarta will be rendered within VBS4.

LuxCarta is demonstrating its BrightEarth suite of products for terrain development, along with some of its new material information features for Infrared (IR) simulation and its new road and wall extraction capabilities as shown in VBS4. LuxCarta is exhibiting at I/ITSEC at stand #2848.


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