World’s Most Exclusive Aviation Training Group?

26 July 2022

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Aircraft Manufacturers Flight Training Association

It may be the world’s smallest organisation – certainly in the aviation training sector. There are just four members at present: Europe’s Airbus, America’s Boeing, China’s COMAC, and Embraer of Brazil.

The group is the developing Aircraft Manufacturer Flight Training Association: AMFTA.

Membership is reserved for commercial aviation manufacturers of FAR/CS25 of more than 19 seats.

Capt. Jean-Michel Bigarré, previously Head of Worldwide Training for Airbus Training Services, who has been named President of AMFTA, promised: “this organization will be a game changer for enhancing flight safety.”

The AMFTA mission statement is: “To enhance global flight safety by providing unified recommendations for flight training.”

The purpose of the new association is “to develop and provide recommendations regarding flight training and training-related operations that intend to enhance flight safety and global competency for current and future pilots/flight crews, with an aim to harmonize flight training standards globally.”

The member OEMs are represented by their respective Heads of Training or designated representatives.

AMFTA will meet regularly to discuss and determine common recommendations based on flight competencies and objectives that benefit the global aviation industry, then share the result of its work with aviation authorities and key industry stakeholders. They held their meeting in May adjacent to the Halldale World Aviation Training Summit (WATS) in Orlando.

Bigarré said, “Work is on-going to develop key recommendations to enhance the safety of our industry. We look forward to sharing those recommendations with you shortly.”

Other leaders on the AMFTA panel currently include:

  • Mark Albert, Director, Business and Program Management, Commercial Training Solutions, Boeing Global Services - AMFTA Board Director and Treasurer
  • Susannah Crabol, Airbus Flight Crew Training Solutions Manager - AMFTA Assistant Secretary
  • Capt. Fabiano Cypel, Embraer Flight Crew Training Manager - AMFTA Board Director
  • Capt.  Stéphan Labrucherie, Airbus Head of Flight Training Worldwide - AMFTA Director and Chairman
  • Capt. Jin Yibin, Chief Engineer of Aircraft Operation Safety, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) – AMFTA Director

Capt. Carl Davis, former Director of Commercial Flight Crew Training and Operations at Boeing (now retired), was also a co-founder of AMFTA.

AMFTA is an independent non-profit, non-stock organization, registered in the US state of Delaware and with its head office in Washington DC.

Other aircraft manufacturers which might meet the AMFTA membership criteria include regional-jet specialist ATR, Japan’s Mitsubishi, and UAC in Russia. Bombardier exited the 19-plus-seat category three years ago when it sold its A220 business to Airbus.


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