MINT Software Systems and ASTech have agreed to collaborate on the development of an interface between MINT’s TMS and ASTech’s GEMS.

MINT TMS is a Compliance & Training Management System for record keeping, as well as scheduling pilot, cabin crew, technical and air navigation service training activities. GEMS (General Examination Management System) is an advanced examination management system that automates the generation and correction of pilot and maintenance exams.

The interface between the two systems will allow seamless data exchange of products (courses), projects (classes) schedules and trainee data. The course, class and trainee data, stored in MINT TMS, is automatically transferred to GEMS and the examination results are automatically transferred from GEMS to the TMS. As a result, the interface offers huge time-saving as there is only one single source of data on training activities that is immediately accessible.

The interface is expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2013.