The International Pilot Training Consortium (IPTC) is looking urgently for operational funding. IPTC is developing proposals aimed at raising and harmonization of global pilot training standards. In a short time in operation IPTC now has 88 SMEs working voluntarily on pilot training around the world. Funding is urgently required to facilitate international/regional meetings and workshops without which progress cannot be achieved. Only ten companies each contributing US$40K would cover projected costs per annum while the consortium is in operation. With ICAO, IATA, IFALPA, and the RAeS as Partners, IPTC is probably the first ever training consortium with such global reach and influence. Failure of this initiative would likely set back the civil aviation training industry considerably, as an opportunity lost. Those stakeholders with an interest in seeing IPTC succeed in its aims, will recognize that the investment involved is very small in relation to the outcome of a safer industry for all. In order to find out more please contact RAeS on