The iPad has become a core tool for pilots, but its integrated GPS means an iPad in a simulator knows it's on the ground rather than in flight. Redbird Cygnus changes this by connecting wirelessly to the iPad to send GPS information matching the position and velocity of the simulation. The result is an iPad that believes it's in flight, and lets pilots practice using iPad's app features, including aircraft speed and altitude, position on charts, airspace awareness, terrain warnings, flight planning and more. SimCom is the first, and currently only, training company in its market segment to offer this service for pilots and aircrews. SimCom has installed Cygnus on six simulators so far, and plans to equip its entire piston and turboprop line. Cygnus works with any iPad app and can also drive up to five iPads at once, so multi-pilot crews and even instructors can all share the same data, and even record the progress of a flight directly on the iPad.