FlightSafety International has introduced its new generation VITAL 1100 visual system. "VITAL 1100 offers unprecedented fidelity for a wide variety of uses with full flight simulators and a complete range of other advanced training devices," said Jon Hester, general manager, Visual Systems. "Our team of highly qualified engineers and designers developed VITAL 1100 based on customer requirements and the experience gained during more than 44 years of producing the successful series of VITAL visual systems." The computational performance of VITAL 1100 is five times greater than that of its popular predecessor, the VITAL X. This significantly enhances training by providing mission-specific imagery with vastly improved scene content and unprecedented levels of detail.  VITAL 1100 can provide system resolutions that are well over 20 million pixels for a typical out the window field of view of 200 degrees horizontally. This tremendous increase in resolution capability offers a substantial improvement in visual acuity. Target recognition and identification are greatly enhanced while additional scene resolution is provided by the system's superior high definition microtexture. This gives the viewer the necessary resolution for virtually any altitude and position, whether on short final in a fixed wing aircraft, or during hover/land maneuvering in a rotary wing platform.