The Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium (APATS) returns to a favoured conference venue, Bangkok, this year. From September 17-18, the show will explore aviation flight training and simulation from the Asia Pacific region.

All eyes are turned to Asia to understand and calibrate the scale of growth in aviation; already the impact of the shortfall in pilot numbers is starting to make itself felt. This, of course, drives further attention to find effective training, and APATS will once again search out expert solutions to this challenge. The response to the Call for Papers has been even more enthusiastic this year, and so a full range of regional and global experts will be called upon to offer presentations to stimulate debate and discussion. In 2013 the focus is to concentrate on the immediate training philosophies and systems, with a look at existing and future technology to help the choices for the future.

Day 1

International Initiatives – Whilst attention is naturally on the Asia-Pacific region, lessons from the research and development which the broader global industry has completed can be adopted and adapted here. Major global influencers such as ICAO, IATA, together with the biggest aircraft manufacturers and others, will pass on the results of their own studies and initiatives.

A session on Human Factors will address the issues surrounding the challenges in preparing knowledge transfer to the new generation of aviation professional – how do we encourage them, select them and retain them? The two parallel streams of Ab-Initio Pilot Training – the ‘classic' method using updated technology, and the Multi-Pilot Licence (MPL) programmes, both have their supporters, what are the benefits of each system?

Evidence Based Training (EBT) has moved well beyond the theoretical principles – how is it being put into practice, and what are the results?

Day 2

Training providers and operators need to keep up with the ceaseless improvements in Technology – to help with forward planning they need to understand what is presently being introduced, and what the future may bring.

These first five sessions will be presented using the ‘classic’ format of the well-proven Halldale conferences. However, one change is to leave the questions and answers from these focussed sessions to be addressed on Day 2. Last year's innovation in using familiar IT, smartphones and tablets to access the Moderator so that questions can be delivered live, proved to be a great success. APATS 2013 will build on that, and encourage delegates to post their questions during the presentations on Day 1 so that they can be addressed in depth on Day 2. During this second day the Moderator will not only have the questions posted on Day 1, but will also have live screens to show SMS, email and a webpage of the Halldale website from the Conference Hall and will direct those questions to an expanded panel of experts.

Taking a leading role in addressing the challenges to pilot training in Asia, APATS will yet again bring the top level of expertise to share the latest in training wisdom. A wide range of world-renowned experts will give you the hot topics in the industry, and there will be an opportunity to see the most recent initiatives in training systems, devices and providers in the Exhibition Hall.

Both the Conference Hall and the Exhibition Hall will trigger discussion and debate, which will continue during the many networking opportunities. Delegates will have plenty of time to follow up on their queries with speakers and exhibitors, all of whom are happy to share their knowledge and opinions.

Please visit for the latest up-to-date conference programme, as well as further show information. We look forward to seeing you in Bangkok.