Airways New Zealand and Emirates Aviation College are joining forces to deliver air traffic control training in Dubai. The joint venture will see Airways delivering air traffic control training to up to 200 students per year at the College's new purpose-built campus in Dubai over the next five years.

Vice Chancellor of Emirates Aviation College, Dr Ahmad al Ali, said that the partnership fills a critical gap in the Middle East region for the training for air traffic controllers.

"There is a global shortage of air traffic controllers, which has serious repercussions for the aviation industry - particularly in this part of the world where air traffic is expected to continue growing" said Dr Ahmad al Ali.

Airways will use its SureSelect controller selection programme to guarantee that only the very best students are selected, while its state-of-the-art Total Control simulators will provide students with opportunities to practice difference scenarios on real-world software. The partnership will offer air traffic control short courses from May, and will commence ab initio training from September 2014.