French simulator manufacturer, Alsim, has participated in an ongoing study into variable human factors in pilots' decision-making processes, using its 'pan-fleet' training devices. With Alsim's cooperation, Dr Lise Mégret, a graduate of the University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Defense, is continuing her work while an intern with the company, as part of her thesis on the 'Variability of pilots' cognitive and emotional processes in complex and dynamic situations'.

Teaching decision making is a difficult but nevertheless essential task and as part of the study into human factors in flight safety pilots are confronted with demanding in-flight decisions.

Dr Mégret said, "Allowing pilots to explore those types of situations can be very revealing. In conjunction with the instructor, the pilots analyse the way they perceived and handled safety-dependent information, and so became aware of the cognitive mechanisms that guide them in their decision-making."

By deepening self-knowledge, Alsim training is aimed at increasing the pilots' control of their own behaviour so as to engender more effective responses, specifically in unforeseen and ambiguous situations. Through this innovative use of their simulators and training staff, Alsim's purpose is to bring a new and crucial advancement to conventional pilot training in dealing with complex procedures and in rare breakdowns.