The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Flight Technologies and Procedures Division, Future Flight Technologies Branch (AFS-430) has approved Advanced Aircrew Academy's Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) online training module.

Previously, operators have had their local FSDO review Advanced Aircrew Academy's ADS-B online training module and approve the training for the issuance Letter of Authorization (LOA) or Ops Spec A353. With the approval from AFS-430, the process has been streamlined and operators that use Advanced Aircrew Academy's ADS-B module do not require local FAA review of the training program.

The ADS-B module covers operating procedures, flight planning, MEL procedures, human factors considerations, ADS-B phraseology, normal and abnormal system operation, aircraft IDs, data source errors, and incident reporting. The training is in compliance with FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 90-114 and guidance in the 8900.1.