Indra has completed the development of the iCAT, a new training system for pilots of the Airbus A320. The first two units of this training solution have been delivered to Beijing Capital Airlines. These systems will be installed at the training centers owned by the Chinese airline in Beijing and Hainan Island. Indra has incorporated the same simulation software in the iCAT as that used by full flight simulators. As a result the trainer is extremely realistic and is very much like a level D simulator. The main difference between the iCAT compared to full simulators is that they are not mounted on a moving platform, they use flat screens instead of a projection system and the aircraft controls are not real but simulated on touchscreens. The only physical systems incorporated in the trainers include flight controls and engine controls, the Flight Control Unit (FCU) and the MCDU, the communications device in which the pilot enters data. These features reduce development and maintenance costs.