Britannica Knowledge Systems is launching two new capabilities, a more advanced optimizer and a bidding module. Both are designed to increase airline and training provider scheduling and planning efficiency.

The new rules-based optimizer enables training operations to create valid training schedules and plans that comply with regulatory and contractual directives. Through state-of-the-art algorithms, it uniquely optimizes scheduling and resource allocation based on several objectives or constraints, enabling the concurrent achievement of multiple goals. The optimizer also helps airline and training providers achieve their financial goals by both decreasing expenses and increasing revenue through selling additional dry or wet leases.

Britannica's new bidding module establishes a formal and streamlined process that uses weighted preferences to schedule instructor and pilot-chosen monthly days off, work days and vacation days. The module automatically factors in these needs as scheduling constraints, while honoring seniority, conforming to regulations, and adhering to operation coverage requirements. The result is an optimized training schedule or plan that does its best to incorporate crew preferences and reduce expense.