Envoy Air Inc. is building upon its existing Pilot Pipeline Programs to launch a new Cadet Program. The Envoy Cadet Program will help the most promising future pilots make a smooth transition from the classroom to cockpit. Combined with Envoy's seniority-based flow through to American Airlines, the Cadet Program will provide unmatched advancement opportunities.

The Program offers various levels of support as the Cadet's certifications, training and experience evolves, including up to $16,000 in tuition reimbursement. Mentorships and internships with airline industry experts can begin as early as a Cadet's freshman year. As a Cadet achieves more certifications, they become eligible for tuition reimbursement, placement at partner schools to serve as instructors so they can build their flight time, and, at select partner schools, employee travel privileges.

Cadets will be placed into the FAA-required Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP-CTP) course, at no cost to them, after reaching the necessary number of flight hours. Upon successful completion of the course, they can quickly start their First Officer New Hire Class at Envoy.

"By starting in the Envoy Cadet program, students can put themselves on a direct path to a long-term career as a commercial airline pilot with American Airlnes, offering pilots the highest pay and youngest fleet among the US mainline carriers," said Captain Ric Wilson, Envoy's vice president Flight Operations. "The Envoy Cadet Program allows us to ease the financial burden faced by aspiring pilots wanting to pursue this career, while simultaneously giving Envoy access to some of the nation's top aviation talent."

Envoy is currently hiring more than 30 pilots per month, with new hire pilots projected to upgrade to Captain in just two and a half years and flow through to American in just over five years, with no additional interview required. Nearly 70 percent of American's new hires since 2013 came from Envoy.