Avsoft International has signed an eLearning contract with Air Iceland to provide an aircraft systems pilot course for the Bombardier Q400.

As part of the contract, Air Iceland will use Avsoft's state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS). Avsoft's LMS enables an organization to deliver courses based on due dates, qualification, or any date-based criteria. In addition to the date-driven course delivery mechanism, Avsoft's LMS also enables an organization to create automated reports such as Training Not Completed by Due Date, or Training Not Completed at the Start of the Due Month.

Air Iceland will also be using Avsoft's Rapid Design, Development, and Deployment (RD3) system. This enables a customer's Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to manage the questions at the end of each module, create final exams, create Recurrent Ground Schools, and even create their own courses, as well as import and convert existing PowerPoints into the RD3 format.