An air traffic control (ATC) training programme helping Airways New Zealand students to gain work with one of Europe's premier air traffic services providers has been launched.

Airways, the Inter American University of Puerto Rico (UIPR) and FerroNATS have collaborated to offer the programme, and the first group of trainees has started their initial training at Airways' ATC training hub in Puerto Rico.

Students who successfully complete their ATC training at UIPR in Puerto Rico and pass the FerroNATS selection process will enter the FerroNATS job pool. FerroNATS will provide instructors, examiners and consultancy services for the programme, meaning a more seamless transition between their ATC study and on-the-job-training for the Airways students.

The six trainees who have started the programme will undertake 24 weeks of training - comprising 12 weeks of basic training certified by the European Aviation Safety Agecy, and 12 weeks of aerodrome control visual and instrument training. On successful completion f the programme, the trainees will join the job pool at FerroNATS in Spain.