CTC Aviation has been selected by Flybe to provide exclusive selection and recruitment services to fulfil its entire direct entry and cadet entry pilot requirement. Under the new agreement, CTC Aviation will manage all pilot applications to the airline, as well as the selection and assessment of shortlisted applicants.

Flybe is experiencing a period of significant growth with 20 incremental aircraft on order and new airfields coming on stream. In 2015 Flybe recruited around 150 new pilots and promoted 50 First Officers to command position, according to Flybe CEO Saad Hammad, who says, “After a difficult restructuring two years ago, we are now a much more resilient, fitter airline with a strong balance sheet and we have returned to growth. This year we will grow circa ten percent. We are looking to grow at almost double that rate next year. We are in the market for pilots.”

In fact, Flybe says it will need at least 120 new Commanders and First Officers and about 150 newly-qualified pilots in 2016 to support its growth plans.

New type rating direct entry pilots and commanders will undertake a Training Fees Agreement to cover the cost of the Dash 8 Q400 Type Rating. The bond is £18,000 over five years, repayable in full if a pilot leaves employment with Flybe within the first year but then decreasing at a rate of 1/48th per month for the following four years.

These recruitment services will be delivered by CTC Aviation in addition to the existing selection and training services it provides to Flybe. Flybe also recruits graduates of CTC Aviation’s flagship CTC WINGS ‘whitetail’ airline pilot career program, as well as those who complete their training through CTC TAKEOFF Integrated and modular professional pilot training courses, and the CTC FLEXICREW ATP program.