ACCEL Flight Simulation has signed a memorandum of agreement (MoA) with UK-based Aviate Training Technologies for a long term strategic partnership towards Simulated Environment for Realistic Air Traffic Control (ATC) training solutions (SERA) on full flight simulators for commercial aircraft.

Under the agreement, Aviate will provide one 737 Next Generation Flight Management Computer Training device and one A320 Flight Management Guidance System training device as bailment units to ACCEL facility in China for a purpose of demonstration. With the installation of SERA licensed by ASTi on both devices, it provides accurate, real-world radio communications using unique realistic "human" voices to teach students proper terminology and interaction with synthetic controllers.

"Currently, ATC at all airports across China use English to communicate with pilots of foreign airlines and Mandarin with those flying for Chinese carriers. The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) will mandate that its air traffic controllers use only English when communicating with pilots of any airline starting in 2017. ACCEL Flight Simulation, based in Tianjin China, will now be offering ATC training products along with its other high quality solutions," said Scott Watson, general manager for ACCEL.

Aviate and ACCEL will work together to provide Boeing and Airbus procedural training devices to this new Aviate market, according to Steve Masson, Managing Director for Aviate Training Technologies, who says the devices were designed to support ASTi's SATCE SERA solution and will support the mandatory requirement to use English in Chinese airspace beginning in 2017.