BAA Training has partnered with Flyco Training Solutions Group to add online training courses to its service portfolio. The addition of the remote learning facility means both self sponsored pilots and corporate training managers are able to access more than 150 training courses for pilots and cabin crew members via computer, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The partnership ensures that the Flyco Training Solutions Group portfolio meets all regulation requirements, allowing pilots and cabin crew to complete their training both online and offline. Meanwhile an administrator panel will make sure that the crew certificate expiry dates are closely monitored by the company's Crew Training Department.

Online training course content is regularly refreshed according to the latest ICAO and EASA regulations and can also be customized according to the client's needs, allowing for greater focus on efficient theory training requirements, leaving more time for practical knowledge enhancement.

"With the growing mobility and flexibility required in today's market we looked at additional possibilities for our clients to get aviation training. Our partnership with Flyco Group allows us to provide our clients with an online training option in order to save money and time. The delivery platform supports the use of tablets and mobile devices which gives freedom of accessibility," said Egle Vaikeviciute, CEO of BAA Training.

"By combining the tried and tested methods of conventional training offered by BAA, with new generation computer-based training technology of Flyco, pilots and crew are able to improve their skills both online and offline wherever they are. We believe our strong partnership with a recognized ATO such as BAA Training can achieve great results," commented Ergin Erdin, chief executive of Flyco Training Solutions Group.